Thursday, October 28, 2010

David Cameron is on very thin ice with the EU

So much of what is wrong with this country is outside of the power of Westminster politics to put right, thanks to powers transferred to the unaccountable EU.

Now the EU is back for more cash - a direct debit mandate into everyone's bank accounts (aka EU tax raising powers - so they never have to ask again ) and to be able to destroy the British financial industry in the same way other British industries were destroyed at the bequest of French and German politicians.

I for one am not amused by the EU's staggering claims for more money.

David Cameron needs to know he is pushing many of us beyond the breaking point of loyalty if he caves into the EU on this or the treaty requests from the Germans.


Wyrdtimes said...

The mask is slipping...

At the risk of repeating myself - home rule for England is the only way out of the EU.

mexicano said...

So, you're finally seeing the light (or, in this case, darkness). My prediction - your loyalty won't last much longer. Time to come up with an alternative strategy, one that doesn't just involve hoping for the best. Fight, flight or surrender - which one will it be?