Monday, October 18, 2010

Biodiversity - the new Climate Change, the same green marxism

Its not just Vince Cable who's been leaving policy skid marks. The political world is cooling on Global Warming Climate Change front. The failure and the fraud have become to widespread knowledge to be sustained in the minds of the public.

So how are the international systems of laws and obligations that allow the left to determine how we are governed and live our lives to be created now then ?

The answer looks like Biodiversity - a word the BBC's news outlets will be programming you with as often as they used to casually mention global warming climate change.

I'm guessing their grace period will be a lot shorter this time.

They will have to try something else than eco-fascism shortly. I wonder what they will come up with ?

Update: I see James Delingpole is getting with the program here. The Green marxists are going to have a hard job pulling this one off.

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