Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thought crime in England

Northumbria police have put the lives of a number of young men in danger by arresting them for burning a book.

They make the lazy mistake is mistaking race for religion to justify their stasi type activities. ( Anyone know of arrests for burning religious material from any other religion than the one in question ? )

Now these men have been daft, insulting - but the same goes on all the time in this country - as the Guardinista /leftie spasms over the Catholic church's leader demonstrates. ( Who I suspect still gets burned in effigy at least one a year somewhere -Lewis isn't it ? )

Burning a book is apparently now a crime where your name gets entered onto databases where other people can find your names and come after you.

I had hoped this sort of thing had stopped with a new government.

Update: Sometime everyone can lose, and this looks like being one of those occasions. The men concerned are now in the press being described as "English nationalists". My heart sinks on reading that as I know this, along with the English Defence League mob, will be used to deny the English people ( all the people living in England ) our political rights.

By using a right these idiots have not only given the state an opportunity to take it away across a wide range of areas, but also helped allow them to continue the anti-English devolution constitutional settlement.

See also Eamonn Butler Free speech means the freedom to offend

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