Monday, September 06, 2010

Labour - playing the man and not the ball

Labour are trying to cheer themselves up with some worked up self indignation and a good old smear and bake scheme.

The target is of course Andy Coulson. The method is to reheat allegations that people guessed other peoples voice mail codes ( hint a number of zeros seems to do it - allegedly ).

Cash for honours this is not.

Its not lying about weapons of mass destruction being in Iraq, delaying the ban on tobacco advertising in F1 when one of your main domours works there either.

Its not even one senior govt minister threatening and inquiry into his party leaders behaviour over financing that party (slight reheat there - see how easy it is).

Its not being less than full open on your mortgage application form, or prioritising certain passport applications.

Its not lying for the sake of deceiving people in Northern Ireland.

Its not putting ridiculous growth forecasts and hiding behind them until after the election.

Its not kicking of two large wars - sending in the troops and then forgetting to purchase the equipment to save their lives.

But it is a taste of how Labour plans to run opposition - as a nasty thuggish businesses where all principles and facts are variables to be optimised to grab back power with all the sweat high salaries and perks that go with it. Its also why the they were and remain unfit to be anywhere near government in this country.


Pugh said...

I haven't really paid attention to this, but are not the very people complaining of their phone messages and calls being intercepted the same people who passed a law entitling anyone they want to do the same to me?

Anonymous said...


Man in a Shed said...

@Pugh - yes there have been comments about the irony of Alan Johnson who was home secretary of one of the most intrusive government regimes since the war banging on about journalists trying the default password on some idiot politician's voice mail accounts.

Of course this means it was eavesdropping or interception - just plain old password cracking - made easier in many cases by people not changing their passwords.

The issues that missing here is the national security issue of key politicians using insecure communications when in govt.

Remember Gordon Brown insisting on keeping his mobile phone as PM ... wonder if that was really secure also ?

Bill Quango MP said...


Guido had a story that was her password, enabling access to any of the secrets of government.

Silly old bat.

Demetrius said...

Having had my phone tapped for over fifty years now, yeah yeah. Who with any sense in a position of responsibility would gabble away on a phone in any case? If I had the number of crossed wires and other glitches in the past it would be a big one. Anything that can he hacked will be hacked.