Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Defence will need to take its hit

For many Conservatives a strong defence is a article of faith, and hence the calls to exempt defence from the cuts necessary to get of the path to disaster that Labour has pushed the country down.

But I'm afraid the damage has already been done by Gordon Brown ( & his eager little helpers #RedEd & Ed Balls ) . We can't sustain our current position and its also quite clear that we will have to reduce the manning of the army and RAF as we just can't aford the current levels. I would also question the new aircraft carriers.

We either get our finances in order or in the medium term both economy and defences will collapse.


Mark Wadsworth said...

I completely agree with Liam Fox. We cannot cut spending AND have a war in Afgh. So let's get troops out of Afgh, problem solved.

Anonymous said...

The first duty of any Government is to defend the country. But that aside, how the hell can we cut back on defence when we are at war! I'm sorry but I disagree with you, completely.

Man in a Shed said...

The problem is we can't afford our current capability and the rate we are expending it.

We can even less afford fuel oil powered super carriers.

In the end economics wins out - as those politburo of the Soviet Union.

Its measured cuts and innovation today or collapse tomorrow.

The truth is that things can be done much better. More reserves for the airforce and navy, and the at leats temporary loss of some capabilities - eg the Pig Iron war capabilities of the Army.

It has to be done. People like the Israelis have vastly more efficient defence set ups and far greater threats to face.

The first duty of a government is to defend and protect its people - but then your currency collapses you can do neither.

I'm from a forces family and don't say any of this lightly and blame Labour for making it necessary - but it is still necessary.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

We've been cutting defence for years (it's always the easy target - especially for Labour), while letting waste rip and flourish in practically every other area.

I want to see a few useless drones sent packing before we start reducing our armed forces any further. Heaven knows there are enough to choose from.

If there's one thing that called be called "front-line services" this is it, and it should be left alone. At worst.

Anonymous said...

Defence spending in real terms is at the level it was in the late 1980's. Those areas that have had money thrown at them should surely be those first in line for efficiency and capital cuts. The carriers are vital to our defences as is what remains of the severely understrength fleet. I regret there are no reserves as they were disbanded many years earlier.
Defence is a different beast from others, it is the first and only duty incumbent upon a government that cannot be provided by the individual other than law and order. Defence funding should therefore match entirely the specific strategic needs of the nation. These have not changed and therefore the fleet and other forces should not face cuts. Why are the fees to the EU simply handed over like danegeld? A 20% cut would fund defence completely.