Thursday, July 29, 2010

#Sillyweek David Cameron calls on India to be allowed to join the EU

David Cameron today demanded that those who opposed India joining the EU were just racists and had underlying anti-Hindu/Muslim/Sikh/Christian prejudices. The fact that India has not applied to join the EU shows how strong such a backlash might be if anyone asked the question.

Mr Cameron is alleged to have said "India is on the same planet as Europe and there are clear historical and geological contacts between the two". Further he expanded his philosophy to say that the rest of the world was like a prison camp and should be free to join the EU and that anyone who opposed this idea didn't understand triangulation or appealing to voters in key marginals.

A rather bemused reported from the All India Telegraph was herd to mutter that the real issue would be the EU joining India, once population was taken into account, and that with all the unsound EU banks and dodgy accounts he wasn't sure India was ready to tie its future to such a corrupt third world economy.

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John M Ward said...

Is this proposal what is meant by "the Sikh man of Europe"?

i albion said...

Ha Ha! but please do not put any more crazy ideas into this mans head.
He has to quote the German in Blackadder,"werbal diarrwhea"

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

It might come to that, the way the EU is expanding!