Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Silliness waits for no man

So things are starting to get going out there. I'm adding links to the right as I find stuff - and there's a variety of daftness out there from the practical complaints about Italian magazine rapping, to escaped Nun yarns through to finally a good use for old toasters !

And they are not all there is - in part I've been a constrained by being frog marched out to a session of Laser Quest in very high humidity by the kids ( and somebody elses also ). The bad news is clearly my pack and gun were malfunctioning as all the kids beat me - which can't be right can it?

More exploitation by bored kids is to follow with a trip to the cinema to see the newly very expensive 3-D films.

So I'll have to pay to see it and no doubt buy the DVD later along with other merchandise - now that really is silly.

Anyway whatever your doing - its it involves a post for #SillyWeek - let me know. I'm going to try and work on a spoof one next - no idea what on yet... but I'll have a beer or two tonight to get the creative juices flowing.



Bill Quango MP said...

possibly made up post for you ... or is it?

British Gas disappointed to only increase profits 98%.

British Gas were left reeling from the news that they had missed the opportunity to exceed 100% of 2009 profits when it emerged that a street in Bridport had been given an actual, instead of an estimated, reading.

"This was totally unforeseen," said Geoff Emmett of British gas. "Apparently a new trainee, Gavin Brinnin, came around to read the meters during the early evening, when people might be at home, instead of during the working day or the school run. This led to a number of accurate readings and necessitated us returning many thousands of pounds. It means we missed our target of ripping off the entire nation, instead of only a paltry 98%."

Mr Emmett confirmed that new measures would be in place next year to ensure that these failures will not be repeated.

"Don't ask me how, but the backroom boffins have come up with an even more unfathomable bill. The first units used are a multiplier of your postcode, while second units use a formula based on the numbers chosen from the midweek national lottery draw.
Its genius...It will really help us to help ourselves."

Gavin Brinnin has now left British Gas by mutual consent.

"I just despised myself working for them. I feel so much better now. I really feel I can look myself in the mirror now that I've become a wheel clamper."

John M Ward said...

I have enjoyed others' sillies so far, including the above contribution(!)

I am still adding at least one (usually two) new ones a day, all using the "silly season" and #sillyweek labels/tags to ensure they can be easily discovered.

Dick Puddlecote said...


CherryPie said...

I have been entering into the spirit of things again. It works for me at the moment I don't seem to be able to get a serious post from my head to the screen!

The Big Dollop said...

My Humble Contribution for Silly Week can be found here

It's great to see people enter into the spirit of silly week with some weird and wonderful postings.