Friday, July 09, 2010

Plenty going on - but not much on the blog

Its all a bit busy right now, and may be so for at least two weeks more.

I had wanted to blog on the bias implicit in the BBC's new Rev series, the continuation of the campaign to deceive people as to what's going on in climate science and the BBC's talking up of a straight mistake on naming schools being closed down.

I'd like to believe me - but there's a weekend's camping to be survived and car to be packed.

Back next week.

PS Anyone want to do "Silly week" again this year ?

PPS If there's a tornado in the East of England this weekend - it'll be my fault for camping there - sorry ....


Anonymous said...

"Anyone want to do "Silly week" again this year ?"

Yes please!

Weather looking great this weekend .... have a good one ;-)

Chuckles said...

Enjoy the weekend

James Higham said...

Very difficult blogging just now.