Thursday, June 03, 2010

Token Harriet's plan for oppression and mediocrity

So here we start to see Harriet "I'm a token woman" Harman's keeping out of the Labour leadership contest.

She wants to be King maker ( or is it Queen maker - perhaps its should be Eunuch maker given her current plans ).

Harriet wants he plan to oppress people based on the genes made into Labour party policy, and will hope it will become government policy so we will all be oppressed by the law.

The world must be as Harriet insists or else she'll scream and scream and scream till she's sick.

So Harriet says half of Labour shadow cabinet must have a specific genetic make up - regardless of talent and achievements. And Harriet is making plain she can deliver the XX chromosome brigade to back it up - and perhaps chose the next Labour leader.

Will any of the ex-public school / Oxbridge XY candidates feel betraying the freedom of the country is worth while for their personal gain with Harriet the Token's endorsement ? After all we are told gene's are selfish.

Update: The answer to the last question appears to be that little creep Ed Miliband.

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