Friday, June 18, 2010

Note on the 80's for leftie revisionsts

Getting a bit fed up of the selective historical memories of the left over the 80's.

What they never accept is:

1) After the last Labour Govt in 79 the UK was a basket case.
2) Much of the left and the Unions were devoted to destroying what was still working.
3) Margaret Thatcher saved the country from ruin, the Soviet Union, the unions, aggressive Argentine fascist dictators and grabbed a large amount of our cash back from the EEC EC EU.

On 3) yes eggs got broken - but they had to be. The sort of insane industrial policy that Labour seem to have just discovered again just lead to wealth being destroyed and Britain falling yet further behind the rest of the world. The case for this was so obvious that by 1997 even Labour accepted that much of what Mrs T did was right, and made no attempt to reverse it.

There was no alternative.

And you Guardian reading, BBC supporting tax wasting leftie Luddites - TINA's back !


Maria said...

Well, I was a Leftie, but I hate the way the '80s have had such a hatchet job done on them by the likes of the BBC - likeable fads and general pop culture being rewritten as occurring in the '70s or '90s - we're all supposed to HATE the 1980s.

It doesn't wash.

And the HUGE cutbacks under New Labour would have had the public screaming in the 1980s.

But modern Lefties even try to blame Thatcher for the doings of modern day MPs.

I'm not a Leftie any more.

But I can't stomach the Tories, either.

Anonymous said...

Never mind the 80's what about the the 2000's. The Canopy for a start.
How about this post:-