Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Left handle their reality problems by just lying about the past

There are a series of left wing politicians in the media busy trying to re-write history.

They range from the in-coalition ( just for now ) Nick Clegg who tries to mislead the public that the public sector was cut by the Conservatives in the 1980's ( when in fact public sector spending increased ). To Denis MacShameless MacShane (R4 Today before 8am ) who repeats the Labour lie of the moment that the public sector saved us from the banks problem - neglecting to mention the structural deficit that existed before then or that Labour financed its boom years by taxing an economy as it piled on debt, which they then had to transfer to the public sector.

We had Alistair Darling trying to get away with saying the crisis was caused by saving the world banks on Monday lunch time, but Martha Kearney wouldn't let him get away with it. He then tried to change to Labour smear No2 saying the Tories had agreed with everything before hand - neglecting the Labour lie used against the Conservtaives in 2005 about our plans to reduce the rate of increase in public spending meaning that every teacher doctor and nurse would get sacked.

We get the same sort of approach from that Trotskyite on Newsnight as he tries to convince those who don't know better that times are only bad during Conservative governments.

This is the key way Labour tries to deal with the damning report of history on its times in government - just lie and distort. The problem is that these smears and distortions aren't met by a rapid rebuttal at the point they are made.

This is in part facilitated by the BBC's change to not always having an opposing view in interviews which they introduced after their government came to power in 1997.

Whilst being in government is great - we need to make sure that Labour aren't allowed to lie their way out of their responsibility for the debt disaster they have left us with.

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