Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Labour's strategy

Despite the chaotic nature of Her Majesty's loyal opposition right now a clear strategy seems to be emerging and its this:

Get the Lib Dems.

Alistair Darling called them flaky and thoughts they unlikely to be be able to hold together in the coalition with the cuts that have to be implemented. ( Many of which he should have announced before the election it should be remembered ).

Various other Labour party talking heads target the Lib Dems specifically.

They know it won't work in the short term - the Lib Dem leadership has committed too much political capital to the current coalition project and needs the voting reform referendum and other policy objectives as pay back - but the party is another matter.

In much of the country the Lib Dem's is a left wing party for the middle classes, and those people were banking on never having to balance the books or face up to reality ( that's why they joined the Lib Dems in the first place ).

They are now being wound up by Labour waiting for the time when they can find an honourable excuse to stab their leadership in the back.

And whose to say this won't pay off ?

PS You can tell this is official Labour party strategy by the agenda set by the BBC on their current news programs - which almost always asks the questions Labour want it too and has very very many close personal links with the Labour party.


JohnRS said...

More evidence that the £3.6Billion per annum PR unit for the Sewer Party should be first on the bonfire of the quangos.

Moonraker said...

But it was only a few days ago that you were trying to "get" the Lib Dems. Do the Tories want a monopoly? I smell hypocrisy from all directions including yours.

Man in a Shed said...

Everyone's entitled to fire pot shots at the Lib Dems, my point is that Labour have their cross hairs firmly placed over them.

As I said its a strategy with some hope of a pay-off.

My problem is with the BBC executing that strategy on Labour's behalf.

Bruce, UK said...

Watch Simon "Iago" Hughes.