Thursday, June 10, 2010

The breakdown of the normal rule of law in the US

Its possible that after the appalling incident in the Gulf of Mexico with the Deepwater Horizon and the loss of life and follow on environmental incident that BP has done more than almost any other oil company would do.

They haven't hid away. They haven't tried to blame other companies involved, who are instead hiding behind BP. Their chief executive is now based in the US trying to ensure that the company is fully focused on mitigating and stopping the sub sea blowout. They have said straight away that they won't seek protection from costs that they are entitled to after laws following the Exxon Valdez were enforced.

None of this has bought any credit at all with the anti-British Obama.

At first it looked like he was trying to avoid blame for the rather obvious US govt failings on safety regulation and enforcement. Later it seemed he was nursing his grudge against the British Empire from his Father. But now with the dividend issue you have to start wondering if the real target isn't BP itself. The US govt might make pension funds desperate for income willing to sell BP shares at a low price to a US company. The US may be trying the sort of sovereign thuggery that is normally associated with a certain country east of Poland.

Or perhaps a punch up with the UK Govt. is his long term aim.

Either way its no way for a supposed friendly nation who we have spent much money and lives supporting over the last few years to behave.

Lets remember its not just Obama - the Democrat party could step in to stop this, but they haven't.

The normal rules of commerce and equality before the law appear to just be fair-weather principles in the US.

It is perhaps time to review who it is in the world we can really rely on.


Anonymous said...

You can rely on Americans (no I'm English), but unfortunately Obama is NOT American, and is a Socialist, so you can trust him about as far as you can throw him.

Obama, Mobutu show me the difference said...

The previous comment is correct.

Obama is a socialist and racialist who is very happy to break up any commercial enterprise. he has succeeded in doing so with the majority of the automobile industry, mortgage provision and destruction of banks.

The spill in the gulf is a fortuitous opportunity to increase employment and destroy private wealth.

Take a look at his upbringing and tell me where he differs from the wonderful socialist elite that have run Africa into the ground.

Your socialist PM (yes camoron) wishes to emulate him. Be very scared.

Anonymous said...

Quote of the week:

One quote that often strikes to the heart of the issue "...increasingly individuals will opt out of the social contract that notionally binds a citizen to his/her government". This opting out will not just be the refusal to pay taxes, but the refusal to cooperate with governments completely. Only when there is a cascade of more and more people doing this will we cut the last head from the hydra of the state and let it wither and die.

Kill socialism.