Monday, June 14, 2010

The BBC needs to introduce Prof David Blanchflower fully

The BBC continually allows Prof David Blanchflower to appear as a a neutral technical expert, ignoring his close links with trade unions and the left. The latest outing for this trick was on #R4Today ( PS it should be noted that a Professor at a US University is a lower ranking than its UK equivalent, more equivalent to lecturer. )

Its time he was introduced as a left leaning economics commentator, rather than the magic choice of words that is clearly BBC policy of being on the Bank of England's monetary policy committee.

This is the sort of slight of hand that gets the BBC its reputation for political bias.


jorjun said...

Totally agree with this, he is a nutcase who must have believed, along with the pseudo Marxists that they had managed to finesse the business cycle. Crank!

Anonymous said...

This is one of the more ignorant comments I have ever read.

Blanchflower is not affiliated wih any unions and has an endowed professorship at an Ivy League university.

Whoever posted this comment has an IQ lower than his shoe size


Man in a Shed said...

Bank of England biography.

The Shaved Ape said...

Same thing here! We have CNN and Public Television (and National Public Radio) that brings in far-left nutjobs as neutral commentators. It seems that if the far-left rhetoric is delivered in a calm, measured way, it "must be objective".