Friday, May 07, 2010

Woking general election results 2010

Rob Burberry UKIP 1997
Jonathan Lord Conservative 26551
Tom Millar Labour 4246
Julie Roxburgh Peace party 204
Rosie Sharpley Lib Dems 19744
Ruth Temple Magna Carta 44

Its a good result for the Conservatives and for Jonathan Lord after a lot of hard work on the ground over the last few weeks.

Full details here

Right that's it I'm off to bed and I hope someone's figured out who's running the country by the time I wake up.

Update: In case your interested here's the Woking result being announced.

If your looking for the local election results for Woking borough they are here. These results will officially put the council in no overall control.

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Barking Spider said...

Nice to see that arrogant little Trot prat, Miller losing so decisively, MiaS.