Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Why I'm voting for Jonathan Lord for Woking on Thursday

Of course you'd expect me to say that as this is a Conservative supporting blog, and Jonathan is the Conservative candidate.

But I voted for Jonathan in the open hustings the Conservatives when there were 3 other good Conservatives to choose from.

Why ?

Because Jonathan can get things done. How do I know this ? Because he has in the past.

He has a good academic record. ( Does that matter ? Well yes we need someone who can understand complex policy issues and influence that policy for the good of our country and our town. I just don't believe the Lib Dems candidate is anywhere near as capable.) Experience in local politics with Westminster council many years ago and now with Surrey county council. He lead a very successful campaign to stop drilling for gas in a beautiful area near Guildford - by leading a campaign and making good use of expert knowledge which he managed to gather in. He was also involved in the campaign to save the Royal Surrey.

Clearly he's a man who knows how to get things done.

The Lib Dems have made a spurious argument about his living a few miles over the constituency border, and even though he's selling his house and moving here with his young family they still bang on about it, but always forget to mention that their candidate stood in Horsham in 2005 and has failed to be selected as their candidate for Woking on many previous occasions. ( If you want the full sad tail of Lib Dem misrepresentation of their candidate and ours look here. )

Being a MP is an important job where you want a capable and gifted advocate representing our town. Having gone to the hustings there was just no competition on this score between the Lib Dems candidate and Jonathan Lord. ( Indeed the only person close to Jonathan has been Labour's Tom Millar who can at least string an argument together and put it across succinctly. )

Woking has been fortunate to have Sir Humfrey Malins as our MP over the last number of years, and I'm sure we would be best served locally by Jonathan Lord.

And I know that the Conservatives under David Cameron are what our country needs to repair the irresponsible damage that Gordon Brown has done to our country, and especially the way Labour has treated Surrey and Woking just as a supply of cash to be spent bribing its heartlands else where.

Given the last minute manoeuvres by the likes of Peter Hain and Ed Balls its quite clear if you vote Lib Dem you may get Gordon Brown as PM or some other Labour party front man Harriet Harman !

Good luck with your own choice on where to put your X - I thought I'd share my thoughts with you on why mine will be against Jonathan Lord's name.

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