Thursday, May 06, 2010

Who should I vote for ?

This is a question that it looks like many people are going to leave till they are alone with their ballot papers asking themselves the quintennial question - is it a tick or a cross on the ballot paper?

Matt apparently has a great cartoon on this this morning if your interested.

In some ways its been the X-Factor / Strictly politics election, perhaps we're expecting some sort of sing off at the end ?

The problem is after 10pm tonight the problems will have just started and we need people in power who can sort them out. And here's the hint - those are not the people who created them.

Most people realise that the full implications of Labour's scorched earth policy haven't yet been shown.

In short Labour funded its spending on a boom in private debt ( which it taxed through stamp duty, vat and the increased taxes on the higher economic activity ) and then more and more on sovereign debt. There have been no end of off balance sheet spending and spending commitments.

Some of us know in our heads this can't last. Now with the eruptions in Greece our hearts are getting a look at the consequences.

That's why the most responsible action you can take today is to vote Conservative.

Nothing else will do.

The Lib Dems could ( and their activists would heavily favour this option ) support Labour. That would result in a government that went for tax and denial rather than rebalancing the economy and growth like the Conservatives would do. Its worth noting that little fuss has been made of the triple lock procedure which ties the hands of the Lib Dem leader - so you might like Clegg - but he doesn't have the power to make a deal. Everyone knows that Lib Dem activists are mainly to the left and many to the left of Labour - you can work out what that means; ie Vote Lib Dem get Brown.

I have a lot of sympathy with the aims of UKIP and The English Democrats - but good folk your votes only make the Lab-Lib Dem pact of decline more likely. A Conservative government most closely represents your aims of the two on offer - please vote for it ! ( Its a secret ballot and no one will know ).

For the sake of our country and for everyone's future - please vote Conservative today.


Richard said...

No referendum, no vote.

Anonymous said...

I share your sentiments, MiaS, but not your conclusion.

Cam is a Sham. We'll get Obamageddon, should we elect him. A hung parliament is the best possible result (apart from a UKIP victory, which ain't going to happen!)