Sunday, May 30, 2010

The political assassination of David Laws

Here are the questions I have about the David Laws political assassination.

  • Why did he accept such an office if he was compromised over expenses like this ?
  • Surely Nick Clegg should have known he could have been compromised ? Should not the Lib Dem whips have known ?
  • What about the MI5 briefings to David Cameron on people he could appoint to high office ? Or did the security service just think the private life of an MP was none of their business ?
  • Why now ? The Telegraph appears to have sat on this story, or have they ? Did the Laws relationship only become known to them with the help of a third, probably Lib Dem, party. Does this mean the Lib Dems will be just unable to deliver on the coalition ?
The loss of a chief secretary to the treasury at the very moment his post is most critical and at a critical point in time for the government suggests either very unfortunate timing or a plot.

I tend to think its a plot.

I also think some people need to sharpen up their act for government.

As for the alleged issues David Laws had with his expenses - I'm still trying to understand them and the issues - if any - that are relevant from his private life. It seems to me that given what is currently known he could have survived perhaps in any ministerial post but the one he was given with its briefing at this point in time. I'm not sure he would have deserved to however, but he is a potential great loss to the coalition government and the country.

We live in interesting times....


Barking Spider said...

I have a feeling that this assassination was originally planned to take place on Thursday night's Question Time, MiaS, Dumblebore and Bad Al certainly made a big enough fuss about David Laws' non-appearance on the programme.

JohnRS said...

Forget all the conspiracy theories, who knows or cares if they are true.

Following the last 12 months intense expenses scrutiny if he thought he could keep his financial misconduct hidden then Laws was a fool and, on that basis alone, does not deserve a Cabinet post.

rinky stingpiece said...

Yeah, but is he a giver or a taker?

rinky stingpiece said...

Seems obvious to me that Danny Alexander is there to be a whipping boy for the cuts (hint: he's a PR man); Dave "I'm not gay, but my boyfriend is" Laws' strategies will be implemented, and Alexander will take the flak, and be "reshuffled" later in the year once Dave "I'm not gay, but my boyfriend is" Laws is sufficiently "safe" for a comeback.

Barking Spider said...

It's no conspiracy theory, John R, once your eyes have been opened and you are able to see, it is impossible to "unsee" what they are doing - it also runs a lot deeper than this one paltry, Labour, distraction issue.

So, already the Left have got their first scalp after just eighteen days and David Laws has been replaced by someone a lot further to the Left than him and a lot less capable of doing or even open to doing the required job.

Laws stepped down after only one day of the news breaking - hell of a difference between him and those Labour bastards who cling on with absolutely no integrity, like the wet snots they are, until they are finally sacked when their superiors are left with no other choice.

And let's not forget that the arch arsehole, Campbell, was up to his spinning neck in all of this.

Time to wake up.