Saturday, May 15, 2010

The morality of using misfortune

I've just read some shocking news about a key activist with a rival political party where I live. Its on the front page of the local press and it in many ways is a test of how civilised the local politicos can be.

None of us can be sure that the person we are delivering leaflets with or canvassing doesn't have a dark secret.

So I think the correct response is to say nothing more. As no hypocrisy or cover up seems to be involved there's is nothing to castigate the other political party about. It appears to be just misfortune, and could happen to any of the party groups.

Though I do ask myself if the same approach would be taken were the tables turned. I'd like to think it would be, but after the way the general election campaign was fought here I have my doubts.

Open hypocrisy however is another matter and I will be returning to that issue in Woking in a while.

Note Any comments that are not on the general point but relate to the specific case will be deleted.

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Daily Pundit said...

You should have given us a clue MIAS. I've just been over to the Surrey Advertiser and I had to wade through the following stories: 'Accounts clerk guilty of £34,000 company fraud' - 'CCTV appeal over man wanted for bank fraud' - 'Car nut squatted in house and stole vintage TVR' - 'Petrol station burglars steal £21,000 worth of goods', until I finally found the story.