Wednesday, May 12, 2010

An independent line

It certainly felt good to see David and Sam Cameron enter Downing street. I'm a Conservative party member who campaigned for a Conservative government, and whilst this isn't precisely what I campaigned for it contains many of the key elements.

During the campaign I've mostly targeted my comments at other parties and avoided any issues I might have with my own, except for the English Question.

Well here comes the but - normal service will be resumed shortly.

I'm still a Conservative, but I'm not a slavish follower and we're not under election conditions so I'll be speaking my mind here.

I'm economically liberal, but socially conservative. I'm patriotic but pragmatic. I willing to give the benefit of the doubt but not to be taken for a ride. Lets see how the coalition works out, I won't hold back from criticism where I think its warranted.

Two major areas of disagreement I expect to have with the new government are on;

    1) An English Parliament - its very clear we should have one. I also think this would make our country stable again and save the Union. A lot of Unionist seem to oppose giving the English their national recognition, but they are making a fatal mistake.
    2) The Climate Change Fallacy - Sorry guys I am very far from being convinced that the Warmest argument is true, indeed the majority of reliable evidence (known as the geological record) points the other way.

These are the two main points but there will be others.

We are setting of into the unknown with the coalition - but independence of thought and opinion will continue here, though I'll not be unnecessarily unhelpful - apart from this ;-) .

PS I've a lot of work to make up after the last month, so forgive me if blogging is a bit more sparse. In many ways the next month or two will belong to Labour bloggers anyway as they try to react to their defeat and need for a new leader ( hint - this time try having an election ).


Unknown said...

English Parliament? Scottish independence would be fine for this Conservative.

Wyrdtimes said...

Judging by the way Scots voted in the election there's not enough desire for independence north of the border for it to happen.

England still needs recognition and representation.

English votes on English laws is an insult to the people of England. We've been ignored for years - we English deserve our own parliament.

And enough people are beginning to wake up to make having our English parliament back inevitable.

Best thing Cameron could do imo is launch a constitutional convention for England and get the ball rolling.

James Higham said...

I really feel they looked a fine couple going in there. I'm hoping we really can come back to where we were on our side of politics before - friends. There are huge policy problems with two such divergent parties but there's a will to succeed.

Let's give them a chance.

Anonymous said...

Don't think you should have a separate English Parliament as you already have one!

The question you need to ask, is how did Scotland get so much free stuff in a Parliament dominated by English MPs?

And what about the North East? They are just as bad as the Scottish when it comes to getting handouts from the reds!

Northern Rock anyone?

I'm Welsh, and I think our assembly is a huge waste of time, and an expensive one at that.

The four nations should all be treated exactly the same.