Monday, May 03, 2010

Has Rosie Sharpley been shamed into revising the dodgy Lib Dem bar chart ?

If you get a letter from the Lib Dems in Woking it will have the following form on it and the bar chart that has been repeated in all the various forms of literature the Lib Dems have pushed through letter boxes. ( Some of the literature is designed to look like local newspapers - the purpose of this is obvious and it doesn't reflect well on Rosie as the Lib Dem candidate. )

Yes its the infamous Lib Dem dodgy bar chart. Taking whatever local elections results the Lib Dems want to throw in - ignoring the general election result - when Labour always poll far better - and of course ignoring UKIP on the bar chart. ( UKIP are the useful idiots in Woking - allowing Euro federalist Lib Dems to split the right of centre vote ).

But whats this ? Over on the Lib Dem web site the Labour vote has suddenly shot up (see below) ?
How can this be ? Could it be that the backlash against Lib Dem campaigning techniques which have been described as dirty and nasty is beginning to worry them ?
That's about the 14% Labour got in the last general election.

This could be a sign of a wider lifting of the veil on the true nature of Woking's Lib Dems and Rosie Sharpley's campaign. Many people never know them as their opponents do, but I suspect if this starts to change their support will erode.

Why don't Lib Dems campaign on their policies rather than dodgy bar charts and pathetic campaigns about who's most local ?

I think the second and third leaders debates show why. Nick Clegg was doing great until Lib Dem policies like the immigration amnesty and joining the Euro came up. The weak point of the Lib Dems is their policies, which is why they try to make such a big issue out of anything else they can.

PS Take a look at the results from the last general election here in The Times. The Times has Labour of 16% and others ( mostly UKIP ) on about 3%. This information is just missing from almost all Fib Dem Lib Dem literature.


Ann-Marie said...

There is no shame involved. Interesting to see local Tories think so badly of this technique that they now use it themselves. Recent Tory literature has a bar chart of the number of seats held nationally in 2005 (they get the figures wrong). Not that they would want to downplay Lib Dem chances at all:)

And the latest publication I've seen makes some attempt to look like a newspaper.

Man in a Shed said...

@Ann-Marie - the people I've spoken to on the doorstep are quite shocked when they have the facts of the Lib Dem literature pointed out to them.

You are sacrificing your long term integrity, and for some reason deliberately avoiding putting across you policies. I asked a Lib Dem voter if they could name any - and they couldn't. That's just the way you seem to like things.

I think your referring to the recent "Woking Messenger" post. Its a blindingly obvious Conservative bit of literature. ( No fake 50p or £2 when sold added at the top or attempt to look like other local papers ).

The clue is also in the headline "Conservatives ahead as Lib Dem 'dirty tricks' backfire" and the pictures ( using Tory blue as a strap line ) of our candidate Jonathan Lord and David Cameron.

Now no one is going to agree across parties at this stage of the campaign, but can I plead with some debate about policy next time, the voters will respect you more for it.

The attacks on Jonathan Lord have been unpleasant and nasty. You in your heart must know this, and it demeans you all to be involved in them. Shame is what decent people would feel if they were involved in your sort of campaign - surely even Lib Dems are capable of feeling it ?