Friday, May 14, 2010

And what of England Mr Cameron ?

David Cameron is visiting all the home countries ( remember that phrase? ).

everywhere he will offer mutual respect and listen to the national leaders, except one country.

Who speaks for England ?

The Union can't be saved by respect for the devolved governments or more appeasement on powers etc, when there is no respect for England.

We need an English Parliament, with an English government and an English First Minister - for Mr Cameron to meet on behalf of the Union.


JohnRS said...


CallMeDave is going to rejig the constituencies to remove the inbuilt LieBore bias; he's going for a 55% dissolution threshold; he's going to cut the number of MPs by 10%; he's going for an elected House of Lords.

With all this consitutional change underway surely Dem Tories must remove the massive democratic deficit the English have suffered since NuLiebore's devolution gerrymandering?

Anonymous said...

I guess he would have to visit the politician with the biggest direct mandate in the UK - Boris

Wyrdtimes said...

Yes well said MiaS I hope with your close ties to the party you can help get this message up the food chain.