Monday, April 05, 2010

Will Brown bottle it again ?

With the polls turning against Labour again Brown must be considering going long.

They always fancy their chances to turning anything around - especially the truth.

Also Brown has always wanted to get the Tories to show their hand, allowing him to perform some of his infamous policy snatches and then say what else ?

Every one expects Brown to go to the palace on Tuesday, but whilst I agree its the most likely, I think Labour could yet go for June ( and maybe that's always been their plan as they have often tried to hint at an early election - probably to try and tease out likely Tory strategy and ideas ).

I suppose we'll all know shortly.

Update: Sky news are supposed to reporting sources saying Brown will go to the palace on Tuesday. Surely the whole thing has too much momentum to stop ? But Brown will regret not going in March ....

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Barnacle Bill said...

I think the Fifeshire Feartie did bottle it by not cutting and running for a March general election.
He might not have got a majority but dangling electoral reform in front of the Lib/Dems he would have still kept hold of the keys to No. 10.
Two things that may force him to the Palace tomorrow - the Balls/Baby P/Ofsted report threatening to blow up in his face.
Secondly, north of the border there is a horrible stench coming from Mr. Purcell, which could poison Broon's electoral campaign.
Caught between a rock and a hard place, the old finger nails will be getting a mowing tonight, couldn't happen to a nicer man!