Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Today's recommended reading: "Farewell, free stuff"

I need to get on today, but given all the news about Greece and the IFS's warning about all parties plans to deal with the rising national debt let me recommend reading the article "Farewell free stuff" in the Bagehot column of the Economist a few weeks ago ( I flagged it then - but its worth a read given today's headlines ).

I heard David Miliband repeating Gordon Brown misinformation campaign on the economy on the radio today. Labour will keep on doing this - but look to the quotes I have on the right of this blog to see the eventual consequences.

Lets be clear - the next few months need a strong government to sort out the economic crisis that most people are keeping quiet about.

A hung parliament held to ransom by Lib Dem triple lock internal party wrangling won't do it, and will most likely lead to a political and economic crisis. ( The only question will be which destroys the resulting government first ).

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