Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pre-debate jitters

I'm not convinced this three way debate is a great idea for anyone except the Lib Dems ( who clearly win big just by being on the same platform as Labour and the Conservatives ).

I also have a feeling that one and a half hours will just be too much.

But I could be pleasantly surprised ....

My guess is Brown will have been given some key phrases to deploy and will struggle to work them into almost appropriate responses.

Nick Clegg will do his fake outrage thing that makes him look such an idiot.

And David Cameron ... will perhaps try to be too clever in some of his answers, or at least introduce ideas that there isn't time to get across properly.

We can expect Labour to have planted questions on class war, the Lib Dems on Trident and the Conservatives on NI.

Lets see ...

PS Anyone got any ideas what twitter tags will gain currency for this ?

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als said...

Hmm. I think people might start to look at Brown as a statesman rather than a bit of an oaf after this debate.

Clegg will certainly pull in a few votes, which can only be bad for the Tories. This will probably help usher in a hung parliament.

But, 3 debates?? I think the population will be bored long before then.

The Right Ranter