Thursday, April 08, 2010

Labour's #JobTax road crash continues

Further to the really awful interview Gordon Brown gave on Radio 4's today this morning where he accepted full responsibility for the worse financial crisis in living memory, but claimed he did nothing wrong ( those of you who are still breathing will see the weak point in this blatant lie - as ever told straight to the peoples faces by Brown ).

Even the comedians have started to understand why the government destroying the economy by taxing it with the #JobsTax ( National Insurance paid by employers and employees ) reduces the size of the productive economy ( that we are all relying on to save us ) and reduces the money available to things like the health service ( which Labour are trying to say they are saving ).

The Daily Mash gets it - why can't Gordon ?


JohnRS said...

Gordon doesnt "get it" because he is constitutionally incapable of imagining a pound that doesnt belong to the state.

All that money in your pocket confuses him as he can't imagine how it escaped his clutches. So all he can think of is how to get it back. It dominates his life, he cant get it out of his twisted mind. It makes him SO angry even the pills don't help.

Pension theft, NI hikes; gold mis-selling; stealth taxes; Death taxes; killing the 10p tax band; 50p income tax; green tax theft; - these are the things that he dreams about, the things that he schemes about.

He'll never change, he can't, he will continue to go after all your money.

revinkevin said...

Cause Gordon is a moron.

His lie about getting rid of the National Insurance rise will take money out of the economy is bad even for him.

Increase taxes take money out of the economy.

Elby the Beserk said...

Brown & responsibility are not easy bedfellows. On Damian MacBride

"I take full responsibility for this matter, and have sacked the person responsible"

Letters From A Tory said...

The Daily Mash continues to skate awfully close to the truth, despite supposedly being satire.