Sunday, March 21, 2010

The scandal - Lab ministers influenced by ex Lab minister for sale, except on the BBC

The problem:
The Sunday Times and Channel 4's Dispatches program have caught ex Labour ministers out offering to sell their influence over other Labour ministers. They cite examples of where policies have been changed thanks to such bought influence. One ex Labour minister even describes himself as a taxi for sale. The boasts rely on undue influence over serving ministers.

This story will soon move to investigations against Lord Mandelson and Lord Adonis - which will be bad for socialism and the funding of the BBC.
The Challenge
The BBC must report this story, it would be too blatant an example of their left wing bias not to. But equally with a hung parliament in prospect they no longer have to be impartial as they may be able to get Labour ( assisted by the Lib Dems ) back into power.
The Answer
Use the old BBC trick of reporting not the event or its implications in the headline, but Labour's reaction. So go with "Minister condemn...." - making it appear that Labour are acting positively, when in fact its "Ex Labour minister selling their influence over current Labour ministers" ( not not MPs ) that's the scandal.

This is yet another example of the BBC's institutional bias and why it must be abolished as soon as a future Conservative government comes to power. ( Just imagine how the BBC would have treated this if it involved Lord Ashcroft for example. )


I see the BBC headlines have changed - still the real story isn't being pursued - did Mandelson and Adonis change policy as a favour to ex-Ministers and friends ?

If so its not just the ex-Minister who should be in trouble.


Jim said...

In some respects I welcome the BBC reaction in this sort of case. Its SO one eyed that it makes the institutional bias blatently obvious to even the most even handed observer. And the more people that notice the bias means the day of reckoning for the BBC moves ever closer.

Charlie said...

That's the the second time the headline has changed. The very first headline was 'Labour pledges lobbying crackdown', which, as you pointed out out about the other headline, shows Labour doing something positive and gives us no inkling as to who was involved in the wrongdoing. Obviously, the BBC were never going to go with something like 'Ex-Labour ministers in 'cash for influence' scandal'. That would be to honest.

Letters From A Tory said...

Good spot, there were certainly too generous for my liking.

James Higham said...

Lord Adonis

Is that truly his name? :)