Thursday, March 11, 2010

A response too the Lib Dem blackmail list

The Lib Dems are getting very excited about deceiving people about which political party governs them in the future. Will they keep the insane Gordon Brown as PM or the kitten drowning David Cameron ? They of course are far too dishonest to tell you, but they will issue a set of demands. A copy below (H/T Conservative home )

  • A shake-up of the tax system to lift four million people out of tax by raising tax thresholds to £10,000, with higher taxes for the rich;
  • A boost to education spending targeted at children from poor families through a "pupil premium";
  • A switch to a greener economy less dependent on financial services;
  • Political reform, including a new voting system for Westminster elections.

Here are the problems with these demands:

1) A tax system where only the rich pay will encourage the less well of to vote for free money ( ie more spending as it costs them nothing), whilst the rich just leave. Everyone should vote, and everyone should pay according to their means. Spending power without responsibility will just return us to the 1970's road crash of an economy.

2) More money hasn't delivered better education. Yet more money won't either. When human rights and government social engineering has removed the right to a straight forward education in a school run and controlled by competent teachers - more money will just be more waste.

3) The Green heat of technology deceit has already been shown up to be a lie in many other places. Its the sort of myth well of professional classes like to tell themselves when they was their hands of the consequences ( see Guardian and Indie readers. )

4) Here's the real demand - a voting system to allow Lib Dems to black mail every future government for ever.

Not a great list - with narrow and deceitful self interest at its heart that seeks to mislead and let the people down.

(Slight reworking of the comment left on CH )

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Mike Spilligan said...

You're quite right, MiaS. It's clear that whoever wrote this thought only of No.4, then quickly added the first three in trying to disguise it. Too predictable as well; taxes, education and something "green".