Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Remember its Red Vince

Vince Cable has to do a lot of pretending.

He's and ex-Labour politician and was at Glasgow University at the time Brown was there. His time at Shell is far less impressive than he makes out - and as we've seen Vince isn't above letting people come to the wrong conclusions.

His party is very left wing and anti-UK pro-EU, but Vince has to sit on that Lib Dem fence to win votes in Twickenham, but we know its not what he really believes.

No Vince is red in tooth and claw, as his amazing outburst of class hate at the end of the TV chancellors debate shows. He's one of those Labour guys who left for the SDP but wishes he hadn't and can't find his way back home.

And lets not forget that signature Lib Dem hypocrisy that Vince so ably represents.

See also Paul Goodman coming to the same conclusion over at Conservative home.

Update: David Cameron gets this spot on - "the great thing about being Vince Cable is that no one asks you tough questions" quite !


Grumpy Old Liberal said...

"his amazing outburst of class hate at the end of the TV chancellors debate shows"

Blimey, you really need to get out of that shed more often if you think that was an outburst of class hate. lol

Oh and you really should check for typos!

Man in a Shed said...

Vince is a nasty bit of work - as has been shown by how he misrepresented his courtesy treasury meeting, his mad mansion tax ( very unliberal by the way ) and the rabid left wing rant he let fly at the end of the chancellors debate.

When he's been properly challenged in the media he's crumbled - ref the famous Andrew Neil interview. Its only because its in the BBC's interests to build him up that we have the St Vince image.

I'll have a look at the typos for you, but I think you've understood the message.

James Higham said...

Still, he'll fool a lot of people.

Letters From A Tory said...

Cameron is correct about Vince Cable, but surely no-one asks him tough questions because he's never going to be in a position of power in which his responses to those questions might actually matter?