Wednesday, March 03, 2010

No Cash for Peerages

So lets get this one right - Hattie has refused to answer any questions at PMQs so she can show why token women should be promoted to leadership by repeating the spin line on Lord Ashcroft ?

Labour's problem being that this time being No cash for Peerage, that it can then recycle into her husband's Union ( he of the no all women short lists needed when hubby is standing fame ).

You would think after all the criminal investigations into Labour's funding scandals they would know to leave alone ....

See also Harman Pulverised - Iain Dale,

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Mrs Rigby said...

But it was all right, in 2007, for Unite to give Labour
"£1 million in donations on assumption of the safe seat of Wolverhampton North East being given to Dromey"

That'll probably vanish from Wikipedia now!