Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Cider sanction

When I heard Alistair Darling mentioned the 10p tax hike on Cider I was a little puzzled.

Its a very specific move, and one you can rely on appearing in the post budget headlines especially in the red tops.

And yet the budget has all been about doing nothing - except implementing a few popular Tory ideas, so they can't use them in their manifesto in a few weeks time.

All the pain has been denied or implied that it will fall on the hated rich ( it won't - but by the time people learn that it will be too late in Labour's plans ).

So what's all this about Cider ?

Well we know that it will hit hard in the South West.

We also know that the Lib Dems are likely to lose many seats in the South West.

Hence I concur that this is designed to help the Lib Dems !

How ?

Well you can see the Lib Dem leaflets already on this one. They do this sort of regional outrage combined with local campaigning very well. ( But so could their Tory opponents ).

But here's the trick - this will help drive Labour voters to prop up the Lib Dems, and that's precisely what they need.

You see nothing in that budget was done except for the political advantage of the Labour party.

Just because we can't see the reason straight away for a move doesn't mean its doesn't have a point.

My only question is has there been an collaboration with the Lib Dems on this ploy ?


Demetrius said...

Perhaps they have been drinking too much Dunkerton's.

James Higham said...

Where do disenchanted Labour voters go? LibDems or BNP.

Where do disenchanted Tories go? UKIP or they twiddle their fingers in the corner.

Man in a Shed said...

Maybe Darling's just twigged were all about to turn to drink - and taxing it is the best way of funding the national debt ?