Tuesday, March 02, 2010

All the little favours

We are entering the last phase of the phony general election. The official monitoring and impartiality rules for the BBC haven't yet started so there's still time for the amassed legions of left wing biased journalists and producers to give their socialist views a better chance of prevailing.

A classic example was the revised GDP figures. When I heard the BBC broadcasting the glorious news of GDP being revised as 0.3%GDP, rather than 0.1%GDP ( the US growth is over 5%GDP by comparison ) I cursed the radio as the BBC failed to mention that expectations had been far higher at the time and 0.3%GDP was still a disastrous result.

But the BBC never misses the chance to allow a misconception to support Labour.

However the truth is far worse and the headline from the ONS far more misleading. ( I would assume the ONS mistake was either an individual or just a plain mistake as their record appears fairly good ). In fact the upgrade in growth was due to a downgrade in past economic performance ! ( So not good news for the country at all - see Andrew Lilico's post on Conservative Home. ).

Yesterday we have had the Lord Ashcroft non-Dom story. A valid story for the likes of the BBC to run with an investigate I might add, however they completely failed in the headlines to mention the greater sums Labour gets from non-Dom benefactors, and with only inoculation type mentions in reports ( the sort of few words left in the transcript to defend yourself at a latter date ) . They also failed to mention the cash for peerages scandal that had the police investigating the prime minister.

The news and media at the BBC is full of these little tricks these days. From the Now Show to Radio4's Today program - whose interviews ( with the honourable exception of Evan Davis ) could just be dictated by the Labour party. Articles and questions are all through the left wing BBC world view.

Oh you'll never catch them. And if you complain you'll be dismissed out of hand. But we all know the game being played by all Gordon's little helpers in the media.

The Conservative party would do well to remember all this, and not fall for the post election charm offensive from the BBC ( assuming the Conservatives win ) and break up the BBC to ensure this never happens again.

Update: Conservative home are making the same case today.

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Bill Quango MP said...

Ashcroft story on whoever was standing in for Vine was laughable today.
Kept having callers saying its a disgrace he pays no tax.
But he does pay tax on UK earnings I understand. Same as any UK taxpayer.
But the impression was he was a toff who decides elections while not contributing a penny to the UK.

A BBC 'mistake' I'm sure.No doubt they will rectify it as soon as the same program has dealt with the callers saying they were very upset with "Tories cutting the BBC" which also went unchallenged.

Dave must very powerful to have got cuts from the BBC while being leader of the opposition.

Time for a post on the BBC I think. They are becoming far too tiresome to ignore.