Monday, February 08, 2010

Never mind prisoners what about service people keeping their votes ?

One of the greatest scandals of the 2005 general election ( apart the straight lies told by Gordon Brown about the impact of Conservative spending plans- but we all know the man knows no shame ) was to see British soldiers defending Iraqi elections when their own government had changed the election rules in a way that made it very difficult for them to vote.

I wonder who benefits from large numbers of service personnel being unable to vote ?

I bet the Labour party knows and is very grateful they couldn't vote.

Today we have the Human Rights people telling us we have to ensure convicted criminals who are serving their sentences to vote, and I'm making no further comment on that here, but I wonder what the position is for over seas personnel this time ?

This time the men and women who know all about Gordon Brown's lies and deceitful budget cuts of helicopter and equipment must be allowed to return the favour and vote.

PS If you need to find out how to register to vote see here, though you might be too late to help get rid of Gordon Brown and his band of dishonest and incompetent parasites.

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