Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Is Brown AV plan to buy support from the Lib Dems unconstitutional ?

I just wonder if this Parliament can bind the next with a referendum to take place after the current parliament ends ?

If I remember correctly there is a constitutional convention that no Parliament may bind another.

Or do I have this wrong ?


Toque said...

It's not unconsistitutional. Parliament doesn't have to act on the result of the referendum, or could vote to cancel it.

Mrs Rigby said...

Don't know the answer, but have linked and then written about it, sort of.


Simon Fawthrop said...

When did constitutional niceties last worry Labour?

John M Ward said...

I think Toque has it right, and it was immediately occurred to me before I read the comments.

It is probably a political trick anyway, not only because of the benefit to Labour that the proposed worst-of-all-worlds AV method would bring, but also by in effect challenging an incoming government to cancel it if they dare.

That would give political "ammo" to Labour and other parties who seek a change in the electoral system. Heads they win, tails we lose. I sense Mandelson and Co behind this…

Man in a Shed said...

On reflection I think your point Toque is probably right.

Of course its a desperate trick, but good may yet come of it.

I'm not personally yet opposed to the idea. I do think the consequences could well not be those Labour wants - as the voting system reforms in Scotland and Wales have demonstrated.