Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The cruel deceits of the left - the re-branded Tobin Tax

Here we go with more politics the only objective of which is to save the careers of some very selfish left wing politicians.

To achieve this end they are trying to make a populist attack on the banks our pension funds own, and as tax payers we own in the case of the Scottish banking system that Brown and Darling thought was in the English Tax payers interests to save.

Its Gordon Brown's Tobin tax - which every sane country rejected to his humiliation earlier on - just with better PR.

The left are trying to deceive the public by portraying it as a victimless crime, or if its isn't then they can afford it anyway.

Just as regulations and a degrade eduction system have destroyed our industry, so this tax will help see off what's left of the economic activity in this country.

What the public just don't seem to get is that we import much of our food, materials, goods, and fuel and if we don't do anything for the rest of the world like provide financial services it will stop. (By the way anyone notice that the promised surge in exports and improvement in balance of trade just isn't happening ?)

We will have 100% GDP dedicated to "vital public services" and the economy of Cuba.

But then when you see how often holidays to Cuba are advertised in the Guardian you have to wonder if that isn't the left's plan all along.

They don't care about people - just getting their selfish power obsessed way with the world. This selfish con by Bill Nightly and Richard Curtis is just another example of their deceit.

The left are all about lies these days - anything for a vote or at least saying anything.

Update Tory Bear rounds on the hippies, pinkos and other assorted lefties responsible for all this flawed thinking here.

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