Monday, February 22, 2010

Brown and the bullying allegations

What strikes me as strange about all this is that most of us have known about Gordon Brown's flaws for years.

Tony Blair was bullied from office.

The Labour party was bullied into crowning Gordon as leader without any opposition.

The country was bullied with accusations of cuts and smears in the general election of 2005 which Brown ran.

We've heard most of the stories about his behaviour and the many snubs he's issued many times before.

There are three separate books on the subject, including one by a former Labour Party Chairman.

There may be some discussion about detail and the usual media damage limitation exercises but I think we've got the picture.

But the mixture isn't yet toxic for Brown. Indeed some people will see it in the same way as John Prescott's outburst hitting a protester who threw and egg at him during the election was seen.

The sad fact is that the public will forgive or at least forget bullying ( and Labour party memebers will continue to only apply their so called principles to others and avoid dangerous double think about the obvious failings and transgressions of their leader ).

Only one thing will do for Brown.


We need to link the tens of thousands of personal long term debt we have all accrued under Brown to his mistakes.

We need to repeat how "No more Boom and bust" was a lie.

We need to show that the financial crisis was Gordon Brown's fault, and he doesn't understand the economy ( as some people in the city have told me ).

He gets frustrated and angry because he's incompetent.

I personally hope he sees this and even at this late time resigns to spend some quality time with his young family, who are the people who genuinely need him the most.

Update: John Redwood has this right - "Questions of character and judgement"

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