Saturday, January 23, 2010

So where did my tax money go ?

Another year, another set of tax returns submitted. ( I do it a week early to allow some time for winding up my brother who will be thumping keyboards as servers crash on the 31st Jan ).

But where does the money go ?

Part of the answer looks like being provided by this very easy to use web site Where does My Money Go ?

It appears to be in development - but for all you Barnett Formula fans out there it has plenty of ammunition on it. Have a play here. At present I know nothing about the source of the data etc, so proceed with caution, but the idea looks good and the site works well.

I often think politics could do with more quantitative explanations to the voters, and this is a great way of starting to do it.

H/T to Eddie @freedomscaresme

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Demetrius said...

It looks like one of those fractals you get from the application of Chaos Theory. So may I assume that the government spending and policy is in chaos?