Friday, January 29, 2010

The real 2010 question is about Iran not Iraq

Mr Blair had a carefully prepared set of words ready to change the terms of the debate to use at the Chilcot Inquiry today.

One of them was to ask the question of where we would be today if we hadn't have removed Saddam Hussain.

Here's part of the answer - we would have been ready and able, with the moral authority and military will and capability along with the US - to deal with Iran.

The problem with Tony Blair's calling wolf in 2003 is that no one will trust a British Prime Minister when he/she makes the same claim for a generation. As such we are vastly weakened and our enemies know it.

The country has been put in very real danger by a country that has major Nuclear ambitions.

That's the true "2010" answer Mr Blair.

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JohnRS said...

Bliar and his party have not only weakened us morally but also militarily. Compare the state of our armed forces when NuLieBore took over and what is left today.