Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The NHS does best with Conservative style reforms

We live in a society which has a short memory.

When Labour came into power in 1997 it was on the back of the smear that you had 24hrs to save the NHS ( who can forget that sickening blackmailing PPB with the taxi driver and a father and ill daughter ? ).

Blair and Brown laid into market reforms in the NHS.

They got into power promising to dismantle evil Tory reforms.

And they did - but then Blair noticed something. All the tax payers funded cash being hossed into the NHS ( mostly on salary increases, and as we now know finaced by a debt bubble ) wasn't producing anything. So he started to set up the same structures he'd been denoucing earlier. The NHS went in a very tight, and very expensive circle. ( Much like when Labour destroyed Conservative School reforms only to do the same thing with a different name with Academies ).

However thanks to devolution, which dismantled the NHS into 4 NHS's ( A Scottish, Welsh, Irish and ... well Labour can never manage the word English .. ones ), the celts got off to their own devolved wonderlands before some of the reforms had been re-implemented.

So now we can compare the performance of bloody minded socialist provision against the few reforms Gordon Brown didn't block on his "anything to make me prime minister" sulk over the first ten years of New Labour.

And its not pretty. In short the English NHS wins hands down. There's a lot of socialist and celtic spluttering going on to try and hide this in the media today, but just like the fact that overall NHS productivity has decreased under Labour, the facts can't be hidden.

Just because the budget for the English NHS is ring fenced - doesn't mean that the Conservatives shouldn't get better results for tax payers money with more reform and save and improve many more lives into the bargain.

Thats why if your intrested in the health of the people of England and the English NHS you should vote Conservative. And if your in one of the devolved unreformed socialist luddite parts of the country you might like to think about it also.

Its the only moral choice.

Update: See Alan Cochrane on the performance of the Scottish NHS vs its English equivalents.


Letters From A Tory said...

The problem is that the Conservatives have to get better value from less taxpayers' money. Not an easy job.

Man in a Shed said...

Its going to mean more reform, but it can and must be done.

Its the only practical and moral way forward.