Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Labour launch a FUD attack

In the software world there was an infamous tactic used by one of the dominant players to stop new competitors from winning market share. They didn't win by arguing their product was better, if that had been true the upstart would have got nowhere, or that they were better value for money, though that line was no doubt tried. The winning argument was the FUD attack.

FUD stands for Fear Uncertainty and Doubt.

And that looked like the tactics being deployed by Brown henchmen Alistair Darling and Liam Byrne yesterday.

Of course is absurd for Labour to go on about unfunded spending - given as government they refuse to look beyond the Bank of England printing presses halting but make loads of spending pledges each time Gordon Brown draws breath. They know that part will misfire. But they are trying to drag the Conservative party into the same hole. Its a classic FUD attack, as could be seen from the disgraceful performance of Liam Byrne on Newsnight last night. He just kept his linguistic programming type answers - never answering a question - just smearing with each slimy word that slipped from his mouth.

There will be a lot more of this.

Where is disappoints is that people like Liam Byrne and Alistair Darling are ministers of the Crown - and have a duty to the Crown and the people that their lies and betrayal is a direct conflict with. They are betraying the country with their failure to carry out the responsibilities of their offices and the smears and untruths they throw about just to hold onto power for a few more days. In the end the job of the Conservative party is to make people see this, because the FUD attack made the software company that used it very unpopular ( but it had the advantage of still selling something people want and need ) - Labour have nothing we want or need and the electorate should be persuaded to take their revenge on those unworthy ministers who have disgraced their offices and betrayed the country.

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Anonymous said...

Lies didn't stop Blair. He got away with millions, after killng millions of people. He and Brown got away with giving our country away to foreigners, after tearing up the treason laws.

These people have given themselves immunity. They own the judges, the lawyers, the media. They know they're untouchable.