Monday, January 04, 2010

How Labour will balance the books if it gets re-elected

We have the pantomime of Alistair Darling trying to outline a hole in the Conservative plans for spending. ( And it seems the journalists are getting pretty fed up with being treated as fools - except for those from Mirror group of course, who perhaps don't realise that's what's going on . )

But what if Labour won the general election ?

We all know that taxing the rich, without Marxist boarder controls to imprison your population, won't work ( except with your innumerate base vote perhaps ).

So how will Labour square the massive cuts it will be forced to impose with the daily lies coming out of the mouths of senior minsters ?

The answer is simple. They will blame the IMF.

Its the IMF and evil international fiance that made us do it gov.

We wanted to print money and increases spending for ever and ever but those unreformed capitalists at the IMF have insisted that the loan needed to employ Labour voters at Sure Start centres has to be paid for.

Nearer the election it will be time to make Labour answer questions on the IMF and if they will promise to resign and call a new general election if they have to call them in.

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