Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Will Labour put party and ideology before country ?

The rumours are that the Brown inspired pre Budget Report ( free publicity for the governing party - as you know how much he likes to reannounce stuff ) will essentially be for the benefit of one Gordon Brown.

Labour accuse Conservatives of being for the few ( which is vastly hypocritical and untrue as Labour are the vampires who perpetuate misery and poverty to keep their election numbers good ).Gord

But today we may be able to say Labour is for the One.

Gordon Brown - surely the most expensive man in UK history.

Just think of the thousands and tens of thousands of pound better of we would all be without him.

Update The Speccie is promising to update its debt counter after the Brownies come out this afternoon.

Update: The answer would appear to be NO - Labour have decided to carry on wrecking the country - which will probably mean printing more money as who will lend us money with these insane policies ?


Unknown said...

Clarkson was right: the man is a one-eyed Scottish idiot!

Demetrius said...

If we get hyperinflation, then the higher figure will become the lower figure, and the higher will be a lot higher.

Barking Spider said...

That man in an utterly selfish moron! Clarkson has used a stronger word than idiot to describe him on HIGNFY - even if the BBC did bleep it out, it was incredibly easy to lip read!

Barking Spider said...

"is", even!