Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Labour betrayal of our young people

Yesterday evening Man in a Shed had a very agreeable few hours chatting to some friends who are both employers of recent science graduates.

They made the same complaints about new science graduates:
  1. They often did not understand the basics, despite having glowing qualifications that said they did.
  2. They were almost unable to take criticism or boredom ( a staple part of most new jobs at the bottom of a company )
  3. All of them took at least 6 months to become useful, at a considerable burden to the staff around them.
Some of these criticisms have their roots in Labour education, education, education children schools and families policies.

  1. The lack of real challenge and the experience of failure as well as success.
  2. The over use of praise and prizes for all - the impact of Labour's grade inflation ( which is now an established fact with everyone except Ed Balls ).
  3. Poor structure of knowledge. Science is no longer taught systematically from a historical perspective, but from the confused mishmash a relevant issues that make a radio one public information campaign look rigorous.
Into this abject failure rides the Department of Business Innovation and Skills with its advice to parents to show tough love to their recently unemployed but graduated offspring.

Its exactly what Labour failed to do for them over the previous 12 years by destroying education standards, turning education into entertainments and punishing teachers who just took control of their classes and made people learn things ( not pupil directed learning enough - showing engagement - to much talk from the front etc ), and encouraging large numbers of unsuitable people to go to University who have been doubly robbed of the skilled future they could other wise have had and raising expectations to a level that can only be dashed in the future.

Having created the mess - Labour would like parents to sort it out, indeed it can't be long before they blame those "evil middle class parents" for the whole thing. ( See this advice here ).

Such is life under the rule of the princes of lies and spin.

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