Monday, December 21, 2009

The dark matter in UK politics

Man in a Shed used to be a seasoned observer of company politics - since I'm in a one man company these days it no longer really applies.

I used to reckon that any major decision could be explained or at least understood in terms of the forces acting on management. If you had an action that seemed odd, it generally meant you didn't have as good an understanding of the forces in play as you thought you did, and it was usually a good excuse for some further investigation.

In a similar astronomers and cosmologists believe they can see the impact on the universe of far more matter than they can see, inferring its existence by the gravitational pull they infer.

The same sort of dark matter exists in our politics, that can be inferred by its effect, but can't be directly seen.

It is clear that the Man Made Global Warming hypothesis (aka ManBearPig ) is in deep deep trouble. Ministers must receive this advice privately, in this country and in others, yet they play along. Indeed they appear to be using the excuse to achieve other objectives, such as world regulation and control. The one thing they don't do is order the sort of reviews and systematic professional exposition of the evidence and theories that are based on it that might create confidence, or disprove the hypothesis. Instead they demand blind faith, run campaigns to influence us ( which when tax payer funded in the light of a clearly unproven and debatable hypothesis is a direct subversion of our democracy ). Clearly they aren't motivated by a search for the truth - they already have their agenda, which they aren't sharing but using AGW as a fig leaf for.

Even the Queen has been known to warn against "dark forces".

Supposed democratic states sign up to the sort of behind the scenes negotiation of the citizen's interests that is very anti-democratic and with some highly undemocratic partners. Indeed these partners almost wield more influence than our over promoted student politicians do.

Why was Tony Blair flying into Copenhagen in a private jet anyway. Who benefits, indeed who paid ?

Suddenly we see a European state set up - in direct opposition to referendums on the subject and with promises from Labour being shamelessly broken. The BBC starts using the term EU citizen in places in reports.

Apparently between 70-90% of our laws come from Brussels and yet this is never acknowledged by our main political parties.

We see the effects of things in our politics that are hard to explain just in terms of our official political parties, their statements and pronouncements and their memberships. This is the evidence for dark, and as yet unexplained, force in our politics.

Its a matter of fact that certain movements on the left have always had a hidden agenda, but perhaps this is more wide spread.

In the world of the narrative, focus group tested sound bite and triangulation - combined with restricted access to the MSM ( only currently bypassed by the internet - but for how much longer ? ) can an informed democracy really exist ?

In my darker moments these things worry me.

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