Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The round up of Silly Week

Well that was that. Thanks to a large amount of unsolicited help ( the best sort ) things seem to have gone well for Silly Week. Special mentions in dispatches go to James Higham and GOT for their help in publicity - I know I'm missing out a few people but its harder than you think trying to track down what's being going on.

It turns out that being Silly is far more popular on this blog than being serious ( or at least trying ) - even when you get really cross ( which this blog is frequently ). However normal service will be resumed soon - though I might go a bit dark over August.

As I type this I still haven't finally decided who to award the Silly Film to.

My contenders are :

  1. Calling England - the Why boys need parents posts #1,2,3,4,5 &6 ( great theme - simple - and poignant all at the same time )
  2. The Final Redoubt - England 9 Scotland 3 - mostly because I'd never heard of it* - before I was born you see -, but it'll come in useful in the pub in future.
  3. A yodelling dominatrix - The Big Dollop ( what a find ! )
  4. Silly sayings - but which is which ? - Sicily Scene

I think I'll let you vote for the best ( see on the right shortly ).

*NB Just maybe the 9-3 thing was in "Only a world cup excuse" a fantastic bit of radio comedy by somebody like BBC Scotland. If you can find it online somewhere - go listen, its dry Scots comedy at its best.

Update: Congratulations to Calling England who tops the poll.

In the mean time this is the Silly Week that was:

Note: Some post will no doubt have been missed out here - itrs my fault, I'm sorry - but I really must get some work done !!


James Higham said...

Sounds great to me and well done to you. sir.

Goodnight Vienna said...

It was a terrific idea MiaS and we all had great fun with it - so much so that it's being carried on in one way or another. My thanks to all who voted for me - but especially to my parents for having me - I'm glad you thought the pics were silly.