Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Not a clever Trevor

Trevor Phillips is try to suggest that Parliament needs people who fit into the categories he arbitrary announces are important. ( That's the same as racism to you and me. ) For some reason his categorisations are more important than any I might come up with, or anyone else for that matter.

There are already a number of MPs who owe their position to the tokenism they represent. They are tolerated solely because of the group they belong to.

This is how the "Diversity" ploy works. You assign certain categories and then use the new state religion of "Diversity" to insist that client groups certain individuals have to be employed/elected. ( Never mind that they will share very similar backgrounds with those making the arbitrary decisions ). These people will owe their positions to their identity as a token, not their ability and hence they will defend the gravy train of "Diversity". In the mean time we will get more place people, less independence and no choice whom we elect.

Only those in charge will find it easier to give the appearance of democracy, rather than suffer the indignity of having their wisdom questioned by capable people.

So its no clever at all is it Trevor. By the way are you a token equality quangocrat or one who got the post on merit ?

PS See how well Labour's Quisling caving in to Muslim extremist threats has worked for the popularity of Geert Wilders - who now tops the electoral polls in the Netherlands.

People don't like being told what to think or who they can listen to and vote for.

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