Sunday, February 08, 2009

Hurray, Stephanie's back !

The good news is (as my son is apt to say when try to put top spin on some less than good news) Stephanie Flanders is back from maternity leave.

Now whilst she seems to me to subscribe to the standard issue left wing BBC world view, indeed her question to David Cameron on that infamous Newsnight interview gives evidence for that as does her CV (which she doesn't try to hide ), this doesn't get in the way of thoughtful and knoweldgeable commentary and trying to introduce to the rest of us some of the deeper issues of what's going on.

I've always got time to listen to her - and now read her blog - as I expect to learn somethign by doing so.

Thats not always the case elsewhere on the BBC. ( And certainly not in the newly dumbed down Panaorama programs).

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