Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Its all Damian Green's fault for getting arrested"

Jaqui Smith ( your best mates Mum who Gordon Brown has pretending to be Home Sec right now ) is trying to make the best she can out of her retreat on local accountability for the police.

The debating scheme she's using is to blame "the Tories" ( when is it ever anyone else ) for politicising the issue of the police. Thoughts of pots and name calling of kettles spring to mind here.

The examples Jaqui rolls out are:

  1. Boris pulling the rug from under Sir Ian "Labour's favourite Policeman" Blair. ( In the mayor new role which Labour created - thinking their man would be running the Met and Town hall ).
  2. Damian Green getting himself arrested for trying to hold the government to account for key security information it has tried to suppress for, um, political reasons.
But the Guardian states that its really certain police officers and senior Labour council leaders.

Back in the real world there has been some concern about the politicisation of the police for some time. Officers with right on views about the community and diversity seem to do very well. The police have now turned on the middle classes ( easier to fill up their political targets to get Labour minister re-elected that way than catch hardened criminals ).

Who can remember how the police treated the country side march early in Labour's reign ?

The truth is that the police are already politicised, very politicised. Its too late to reverse it.

Labour have just woken up to how much political control they have over the police and the only result of democratic control would be the lose of the Labour party's control.

One political party has undue influence over the police and its developing culture.

That's why we need elected local police boards.

That's why we now need a Conservative government to deliver them - because labour daren't do it as they now realise what they stand to lose.

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