Saturday, July 07, 2007

Use salvation to fight Islamist terrorists

Wide spread coverage has in the past been given to what suicide attackers expect to receive in whatever the Islamist version of Heaven is.

They rarely prepare these acts without other people knowing. However friends and family may be reluctant to inform as what do they get out of it ? Their friends or family members sent to prison as failures and their act of betrayal discovered.

How about this;

    If an individual provides information to the police to prevent an act of terror being carried out by an individual then that person can be granted a large reduction in the sentence that the person charged with preparing the act receives ( there could be other conditions like a sort of de-programming course for those who have been tied up in terrorist philosophies).

Then going to the police not only saves the innocent people who would have been murdered, but also helps save the potential terrorists, many as we know have been groomed to carry out these acts.

Think of how much more attractive that would be to parents or spouses, who may have a abstract sense of loyalty to the state - but very much have the best wishes of the potential terrorist/child/partner at heart.

In short provide a way that providing information to the police could also save the suicide bomber - and thus provide a strong incentive to provide life saving information.

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