Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Plans to further Balls up education

Softly and bit by bit Ed Balls looks like he's going to undermine Tony Blair's academy schools. Not directly - as the socialist have become cowards about outlining their ideas in the light of day - but by stealth ( wonder where he learnt that trick ?).

Universities are to be bullied into running academies. Now the headline might sound good but if you have some experience of universities the idea should fill you with horror. ( Perhaps Ed Balls privileged private school education and time at that most a-typical of British universities Oxford has blinded him to the problems.)

Now Universities have enough problems running themselves. Many academics can hardly teach - let alone administer things. The trendy academic educationalists are who cause a large amount of the break down in standards and achievement in our education system - putting them in charge is just madness.

Anyway why should Universities be any better than LEA's ?

But its a good stalking horse to remove the cash requirement for setting up the schools. It also provides a route for Brown/Balls to do their social engineering so that those school's pupils will get favoured entrance to the Universities, by taking the places of gifted children whose parents vote the wrong way - just like Eastern Europe under Stalin.

The BBC quotes Balls as saying:

    "The test of whether an organisation can be a potential sponsor should not be its bank balance, but whether it can demonstrate leadership, innovation, and commitment to act in the public interest," said Mr Balls.
Which other potential sponsors does Balls have up his sleeve - Trade Unions perhaps ? The government will no doubt give them more money like the Union modernisation fund - so the Union's will have more money to give to the Labour party.

Having said that it would be fun to watch the NUT try to run a school - as long as my Children don't have to go there.

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Alfie said...

Yup, you just know it's going to be yet another cock up. I have 4 Sons, the youngest left school this Summer and I don't think any of them have the education that I had.

They don't know how to spell, how to do mental arithmetic - and generally know jack about anything... - yet they get straight Aiz for everything.